director // performer // writer // designer // musician

Christopher Stanton is an award-winning performer and theatre maker based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

nohayquiensepa. 2011. photo by trevor schwellnus.

nohayquiensepa. 2011. photo by trevor schwellnus.

Christopher Stanton has been creating work for stage and screen for over twenty years. His practice is exceptionally wide-ranging, with the roles he undertakes spanning from performer to director, writer, sound designer, and composer. He often wears many of these hats for the same project. (Maybe too many hats. Maybe too often. But he’s learning.)

His stage work has taken him across Canada to Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Montreal – and around the world to New York, Bogotà, Munich, Brisbane, Dublin, and Vienna.

Stanton has been the Artistic Producer of Toronto-based indie performance company ARC since 2013. Before taking the lead there, he had a hand in running award-winning companies The Room, and UnSpun Theatre – where he developed a name for himself at the forefront of Toronto’s independent scene.

WIth influences including David Lynch, Haruki Murakami, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Lepage, and David Bowie, Stanton's work has become known for its mystery, its humour, its rhythm, and its imaginative staging. He believes that performance making is a collaborative process, and that it is at its best when it is the product of collision and confluence – of many diverse voices in one room converging on a singular shared creation.

He currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.